Yale-NUS Founding President Visits Manila for MBA Forum

Yale-NUS Founding President Visits Manila for MBA Forum

Gates Professional Schools, a wholly owned subsidiary of leading education consulting company Global Quality Education Providers, recently hosted a roundtable discussion with Pericles Lewis, founding president of Yale-NUS College in Singapore, at Mabuhay Palace in Manila

The event was attended by Gates top brass led by president Ines Basaen and executive director Daniel Ongchoco, along with students enrolled in the Gates-Victoria University Master of Business Administration program.


Lewis, accompanied by Yale-NUS associate director for international programs Lindsay Allen and professor Heidi Stalla, discussed the contemporary startup scenario in the education industry, and the challenges of leading the first college outside the United States to bear the name of an Ivy League school.

Lewis is also a humanities professor at Yale-NUS. Under his leadership, the college has recruited its initial faculty, designed an innovative curriculum and enrolled outstanding students from 40 countries in six continents.

Yale-NUS has also developed unique extracurricular activities, experiential learning programs and a thriving residential life in its temporary location at the University Town campus of the National University of Singapore.

Its new campus, which has won an award for its environmentally sound design, will open in 2015.

Lewis was in Manila to lead a group of first year students undergoing their Week 7 “Learning Across Boundaries” (LAB)—in which Yale-NUS students, faculty and staff have experiential learning projects to explore themes of the common curriculum in a broader context, in an interdisciplinary way and in a  setting different from the traditional classroom.