GQEP offers business management trainings, computer and ICT literacy and management development trainings; development of school organization and management systems; training and educational materials development, particularly, integrating ICT and other appropriate quality, productivity and technology tools; continuing professional education, seminars and workshops in various disciplines including quality and productivity improvement tools to enable one to fully meet the requirements in the practice of professions including renewal of licenses as required by the Professional Regulation Commission, and facilitate or bridge for acquisition of financial and other resources.

GQEP helps institutions and organizations to access international and domestic resources for capacity-development through project proposal-making, conduct of needs assessment and feasibility studies for grants, loans and technical assistance.
GQEP works with clients to develop strategies, plans and solutions to organizational and business operations problems including design of business models and tools, computing and IT systems as well as human resource and financial management systems.
GQEP provides trainings in leadership and organizational development, operations management, strategic management, project management, marketing and business development, quality and productivity improvement and research, measurement and evaluation, among others.