Ensuring Quality in Education and Productivity in the Practice of Professions
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GQEP offers business management trainings, computer and ICT literacy and management development trainings; development of school organization and management systems; training and educational materials development, particularly, integrating ICT and other appropriate quality, productivity and technology tools; continuing professional education, seminars and workshops in various disciplines including quality and productivity improvement tools to enable one to fully meet the requirements in the practice of professions including renewal of licenses as required by the Professional Regulation Commission, and facilitate or bridge for acquisition of financial and other resources.

Bridging Services

 To access international and domestic resources to support and respond to the needs of education and training institutions and other professional organizations acquire:

Data and information on updates about the education and training sector, funding and resource agencies as well as international and national development agencies through multi-media including the internet, referrals and facilitation services to access donors and funders, particularly, international development agencies like the United Nations, ADB and the World Bank as well as embassies, and assistance in the development of project proposals, researches and feasibility studies as requirements in acquiring grants, loans and technical assistance.

Consultancy Services

 To other groups like professional associations and organizations involved in continuing education, training institutions, human resource, nongovernmental and organizational development and private business and industry groups acquire:

On-site and off-site upgrading of organization and management capacities/systems and human resource development especially on the latest productivity and quality improvement tools and systems required in the work environment and by other services, studies/researches on models of best practices in education and training, other human resource development and institutional capacity-building initiatives of organizations, companies, schools, and other institutions in and outside of the Philippines and building linkages with relevant government and international development agencies to support common mission, vision and goals.

Continuing Training and Education

 ICT integration in Mining and Mettalurgy Engineering
 GQEPI is now offering a customized technology program integrating the latest version of AutoCAD with other mine computing software and geographic information system (GIS) for mining and metallurgical engineering. The program consists of GCAD I focusing on two-dimensional models, GCAD II for three-dimensional models and GCAD III which is Mine Computing that utilizes selected mine computing software and GIS.
 Professional Development
 Development and conduct of customized ICT-based training of students, employees, entrepreneurs, executives and managers and even business owners to ensure their effective contribution to nation-building, their own profitability, global competitiveness and sustainability.
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