Ensuring Quality in Education and Productivity in the Practice of Professions
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To help produce world-class and globally competitive human resource that meet the standards of the services, business and industry sectors including the government.

Schools acquire

Well-designed curricula and related teacher-training and student learning programs that build on multiple intelligence; the latest and proven effective research-based and technology-aided teaching and learning approaches; and access to opportunities from international education and training institutions including the UNESCO, Informatics Singapore, and leading universities like the University of the Philippines, for best practices in education and training approaches, curricular programs, materials and educational technology.

Students acquire

Quality education using the latest computer and information and communication technology software, facilities and methodologies toward academic excellence, including avenues to develop the right behavior, attitude and habits to become effective, productive and responsible citizens of the Philippines and the world; opportunities for better understanding of their chosen field or world of work and accreditation of other trainings they undertake to ensure their gainful employment or self-employment; GQEP's continuing education programs to meet the requirements of their professions including requirements for renewal of licenses; and avenues for continuing character building and personality development to make them better citizens of the world.

Teachers acquire

New knowledge and skills in teaching approaches, methodologies and techniques especially with the use of computers and information and communication technology and other creative approaches; instruments or tools to enable teachers and learning facilitators to properly design, manage, and assess student performance including behavioral or attitudinal changes; opportunities to link with educational development and resource agencies, and higher learning institutions in the Philippines and in other countries for professional advancement especially availment of scholarships; and opportunities for networking.

GQEP Corporate Associates & Technology Providers:

Informatics Singapore and all its international country affiliates and software providers like Sun Microsystems
University of the Philippines National Engineering Center
University of the Philippines Electrical and Electronics Engineering Foundation, Inc.
Alorica Philippines
GNO Tech Resources (the most bemedalled and largest franchise operator of Informatics in the Philippines)
Synermaxx (the first truly end-to-end integrated business, internet and mobile solutions provider in the Philippines)
Natural Resources and Mining Development Corporation
Global Quality Education Providers: 2/F Inforrmatics International College Q.C. , 29 North Ave., North Eda, Quezon City Phone: +63 2 927 7631, +63 2 890 2063
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